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Art Exhibitions

Between contemporary and traditional art

Art Residence aims to be a place of culture that honors and celebrates the talent of Beninese artists. From the hotel lobby on the third floor, you will come face to face with artistic works that express a whole story, and transport us into the world of each artist.

Current exhibition: Contemporary Amazons

By Omiliti

A young artist of Beninese origin, Omiliti presents to AMAZONES CONTEMPORAINES, a tribute to the Amazons of Dahomey who marked the history of Africa with their extraordinary destiny.


All our artists

Wabi Dossou

Wabi Dossou was born in 1991, he lives and works in Covè in Benin. The artist was introduced to mask sculpture by his father at the age of 15 ...


All of the artist's works

Oeuvre : Masque Guelede 3 ; sculpture en bois Mérina ; 2021

Marius Dansou

Marius Dansou is a Beninese artist who draws on "fashion trends", tradition and the role of these hairstyles in current societies ...


All of the artist's works

Oeuvre : Ayônouda ; Tissage de fil de fer 87 x 22 ; 2021

Nathanaël Vodouhè

Nathanaël Vodouhè is a Beninese visual artist who is interested in consumerism and the destruction it generates ...


All of the artist's works

Oeuvre : Sans titre 3 ; Technique mixte sur bois brûlé 60 x 30 x 20 ; 2021

Charly d'Almeida

Charly d´Almeida is a painter and sculptor from Benin. Salvaged metal is today his preferred means of expression and the revealer of a work of contrast ...


All of the artist's works

Oeuvre : Présence 3 ; sculpture, assemblage de métaux 58 x 25 x 10 ; 2021

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